Space:1999 Resurrection -- The Audiobook!

Space:1999 Resurrection has become an audiobook!  Recorded in late 2003 by
Space:1999's own Professor Victor Bergman, the inimitable Barry Morse, the audiobook is
a complete unabridged reading of the entire novel.  At over five hours in length, this work
represents the first Space:1999 novel recorded by one of the original cast members.

Coming soon from Powys Media!
New Edition of Mary's Monster!

A new edition of William Latham's modern-day sequel to Mary Shelley's classic
Frankenstein, Mary's Monster, is coming soon from Powys Media.  Featuring an electrifying
cover by artist Joe Tantillo, this new edition is due in 2006.  
Eternity Unbound Is Now Available!

Eternity Unbound, a prequel to Space:1999 Resurrection is available from Powys Media.  See for more information.

Eternity Unbound includes the new novel, Eternity Unleashed, that tells the story of Balor on his
home planet of Progron.  Beginning in Balor's childhood, the novel tells his entire story, right up to
a new novelization of Johnny Byrne's classic "End of Eternity" and a revised version of Space:1999
Coming Soon...

The Prisoner:  Endgame (tentative title)

A novel based on the classic 1960s series The Prisoner.

Space:1999 Shepherd Moon

William Latham's contribution to this anthology, Spider's Web, will be a story you'll never forget.
Johnny Byrne's Children of the Gods
New Edition of Mary's Monster
William Latham
Space:1999 Omega  (read the Omega Diary here).

Space:1999 Omega will be William Latham's final Space:1999 novel (or will it?).  Set in Year
Three of the ongoing odyssey of Moonbase Alpha, Omega will provide answers to long-held
questions about the Alphan universe, and will almost certainly raise new questions.

Space battles.  Land battles.  If Resurrection left you craving action, Omega will satisfy that
craving.  Asked about this novel, William Latham says:  "I've enjoyed my time in the Alphan
universe, and I have every intention of going out with a bang.  With the first two books I've done, I
had to behave myself inside series continuity.  This time out, I'm pulling out all the stops.  Mateo
and I have been hashing out this plot for four years!  The sheer scope of what we wanted to
accomplish was so overwhelming that we had to basically figure out an overriding mythology that
fit everything we've seen over all the original episodes, and the new novels.  The readers aren't
going to know what hit them.  This isn't going to be a bunch of fan-boy musings, either.  Our
intention from the beginning way to blow everyone away..."